A French Late 20th Century Crystal "Grand Prix"  Formula 1 race car designed by Xavier Froissart and made by Daum, France, circa 1985. The racer is a mixture of frosted and polished glass depicting the realness of a Formula 1 Race Car. The Grand Prix Racer is also further etched with the number "2" on the nose guard and on both sides of the rear fin. The Grand Prix #2 was the 5th of 13 Standard Large Automobiles Daum produced for general distribution. Designed by Xavier Froissart in 1988, this model personified speed and technology. 

height: 3.5 in. x width: 15.25 in. x depth: 7.75 in. 

The racer is signed, "Daum France" and also retains its original box, and Daum paper label.

The racer is in very good condition with very minimal wear

There are currently 35 known automobiles directly manufactured by Daum, including standard editions, limited editions, custom designs, and relief (1/2 width) cars, and the smaller cars. These cars range in length from 8” to 17” in length, and range in scale from 1:20 to 1:12, making them some of the largest high quality lead crystal cars ever produced. In addition to the 35 physical cars, there are 2 known Daum paperweights with car images. There is also one additional car which was manufactured by Daum's sister company, Cristal de Sevres, also signed by Claude Nicolas. Thus there are a total of 38 collectible Daum Automobile pieces in a full collection. It is believed that a total of 1804 Grand Prix cars were sold by Daum, including the Grand Prix #1 and Grand Prix Un-Numbered. All 3 shared the same Daum part numbers.