Sculptor: Harriet Whitney Frishmuth

Origin: United States

height: 14 in.

Year: circa 1927


An American Art Nouveau patinated cast bronze and marble sculpture "Desha" by, female artist Harriet Whitney Frishmuth. The sculpture was modelled after well known ballerina of the time "Desha" The sculpture is impressed, "Harriet Whitney Frishmuth ©1927" and futher impressed, "GOHRAM CO. FOUNDERS

In 1916, Frishmuth hired the Yugoslavian ballet dancer Desha Delteil to model, first for Frishmuth's studio art classes and then for her own work. Frishmuth preferred to use dancers rather than models for her work because of their flexibility and strength which was necessary for holding poses for long periods of time. Frishmuth would often times have Desha dance to music which she felt would capture the feeling she was trying to express, then have her pause once she saw the right movement. The above was created and cast in 1927.