Iris & Lotus Candlesticks by, A. Clerget

Artist: Alexandre Clerget

Origin: France

Lotus: height: 9.5 in. Iris: height: 9.25 in.

Year: circa 1900

"Iris & Lotus" 






A rare pair of cast bronze French Art Nouveau Candlesticks "Iris & Lotus" by, French Sculptir Alexandre Clerget each of a fully nude Art Nouveau maiden with one embracing a blooming lotus while standing upon a lily pad leaf and the other embracing an iris blooming standing upon a lily pad each finished a gilt patina. Each candlestick is siggned, "A. Clerget" and further signed with the "SIOTT-DECAUVILLE, PARIS. FONDEUR" foundry seal. circa 1900

Trained by fellow the renowned French sculptor Alexandre Falguiére, Alexandre Clerget achieved critical acclaim after exhibiting at the Paris Salon from 1899 to 1924. Many of Clerget’s works were cast by Siot-Decauville, which was one of the most prolific founders and retailers of European Art Nouveau sculptures

The identical pair is illustrated in "“Dynamic Beauty Sculpture of Art Nouveau Paris” by, Macklowe Gallery; Macklowe pg.115