Lisinsky Standing Bear

Sculptor: Nikolaï Ivanovich Liberich

Origin: Russian

h: 22.75 in. x w: 11.5 in. x d: 9.25 in.

Year: 1889

An Old Clipping From Harpers New Monthly Magazine -Showing the identical bronze


A finely executed original bronze sculpture of a "Lisinsky Standing Bear" by, Russian sculptor Nikolai Liberich of super realistic cast of the "Russian Bear" with ultra-sharp teeth and claws, textured skin, and ran expression both in face and in stance all atop a carved white onyx base. The sculpture is unsigned and was most likely cast at the Nichols & Plinke Foundry, St. Petersburg. This is an original period cast from the late 19th century.

Additional Info:
"Lisinsky Standing Bear" (Killed by Emperor Alexander II near the Village of Lisino in 1865), . A casting of this bronze was exhibited at the International Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1889. At the same time, an article entitled "Russian Bronzes," was written by Clarence Cook for the the January 1889 issue of Harper's Magazine, and illustrated this sculpture (see illustration). It also shows the sculpture exhibited with an onyx base.