Loïe Fuller

Sculptor: Peter Tereszczuk

Origin: Austrian

height: 14 in. x diameter: 7 in.

Year: circa 1900


An Early 20th Century Austrian Art Nouveau cast bronze sculptural "Loie Fuller" desk lamp depicting the American Dancer Loïe Fuller, who to many artists of the Art Nouveau era was their muse and was the true definition of which helped shape the Art Nouveau Movement. The sculpture captures the essence of Loie Fuller mid-movement, while a swirling veil of scarves floating above her head, and her body are caught in the most organic form. With-in the folds of the scarves there are two electric bulb which are cleverly hidden within the two folds casting further a golden light down on the sculpture. The sculpture is impressed "Tereszczuk" - circa 1900

height: 14 in. x diameter: 7 in. 

"Dynamic Beauty" Sculpture of Art Nouveau Paris; by, Macklowe Gallery ©2011 Macklowe Gallery Ltd; pg. 243

Peter Tereszczuk (1875 - 1963; Austrian)
An Austrian-Ukrainian sculptor known for his bronze Art Nouveau figurines. His sculptures of boys and girls, often made to be paperweights, were finished with ivory-inset faces. Born in 1875 in Wybudow, Ukraine, he studied wood carving at the school of Arts and Crafts in Vienna under Hermann Klotz. The majority of his work was made between 1895 and 1925 in Vienna. Tereszczuk died in 1963 in Vienna, Austria.