Mosaic Damascene Paperweight

Maker: Tiffany Studios

Origin: American

Measurements: h: .5 in. x w: 3.75 in. x d: 2.75

Year: cica 1905


An American Art Nouveau patinated bronze and glass "Mosaic" paperweight by, Tiffany Studios decorated with wave like pattern and further decorated with an iridescent green "damascene" inlaid piece of favrile glass. The paperweight is signed, "Tiffany Studios New York 932" and further impressed with the "Tiffany Studios Decorating Co." monogram. 

This paperweight is part of Tiffany Studios exclusive line of decorative objects referred to as "Fancy Goods" 

"Tiffany Lamps and Metalware An Illustrated Reference to Over 2000 Models", by Alastair Duncan, ©2007 pg. 398 plate #1613.