Aqua Flora

Artist: John Littleton & Kate Vogel

Origin: American

height: 19 in. x diameter: 11 in.

Year: 1988


An American Studio Craft art glass "Aqua Flora" sculpture by, John Littleton and Kate Vogel of a emerging flower decorated with super realistic detail. The flower is signed "John Littleton - Kate Vogel 1988. Edition 3/90

Measurements: height: 19 in. x diameter 11 in. 

From a Maryland Private Collection
Maurine Littleton Gallery - Washington D.C.

This was purchased directly from Maurine Littleton Gallery April 29th, 1988

Artists Statement:
The essence of a flower? Color, form, purpose. Our flowers come from dream-like concepts. They are a real manifestation of our ideas and feelings about flowers. Our pieces are created with the idea of capturing life's gestures, freezing them forever. Making the pieces imitates the growing process. Our movements are recorded in the forms, capturing a fleeting moment. The bases twists and climb with growth and movement. Our pieces are a total collaboration from beginning concept to the finished form. Our work has evolved throught the ggive and take of ideas. They are a mirror image of our relationship, an expression of our lives."
Glasmuseum Ebeltof, Denmark